Trouble accessing internal webserver - dyndns, LAN, DMZ

  • I have pfsense 1.2.2 with a LAN and a DMZ (opt1).  I host an apache web server with virtual hosts and

    My problem is this:

    When I  access my internal web servers locally using my dyndns server name ( or WAN IP I get forwarded to the web configuration for pfsense.  When I go to my host via is LAN ip 192.168.3.x the page loads fine.  Users from outside my network also see my web servers fine so I know the portforwards are set right.

    My extended problem is that I use joomla for content editing and because I have a dynamic ip using dyndns many of my paths are hard coded to (not my domain or WAN ip) - not 192.186.3.x.  accessing my server as 192.168.3.x breaks the entire adminitrative (https) back-end.