Upgrading to R2C

  • I got the following errors:

    Reloading filter…  rule difference detected.
    *** Notice ***  Filter rules appear to be different now!
                    This may be normal if pfSense fixed a filter rule bug.
                    If you experience problems, run this command to restore
                    the previous version: tar xzvpf /tmp/backup.tgz -C /
    pfctl: warning: namespace collision with <madison>global table.

    Everything appears to be okay (I can't see any differences in my firewall rules, and my Alias called "Madison" still appears to be in tact.</madison>

  • Thanks, we are working on the issue.  Peter's patch introduced this behaviior trying to fix negated rules.

    So far it appears to be a cosmetic pf bug but we need to be absolutely sure.  Please test your ruleset inside and out and make sure there are no problems with it.


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