Upgrade from 1.2 to 1.22 virtual IP/OPT1 to internet stops working

  • I have a feeling that I've done something a little daft but…

    We have two external IP ranges, for this I'll call them and, gateways are and respectively.

    The pfsense wan is on, and a virtual IP (proxy ARP) on

    We have our lan dynamic NAT to, and the OPT port has a host on it with 1:1 NAT to

    With pfsense 1.2 the host on OPT1 can access the internet, and internet hosts can get to it, though having investigated it uses the default gateway of the WAN port, NOT the gateway for the second subnet, but hey!  It works...

    When I upgrade to 1.2.2 suddenly this all stops working, though I can still get from our LAN to the OPT subnet and vice versa.

    So I guess a couple of questions:

    1. Have I bodged the original setup, and should have just done it differently?
    2. How do i get 1.2.2 working please?!?!