Shaping eMule - does this seem right?

  • I think I'm having some trouble with eMule, in that traffic shaping does not seem to be working properly.

    My connection is NTL 10Mb cable. 10Mb down, 512Kb up.

    As you can see, the upload speed of eMule is very low. eMule is limited to 40kB/sec upload anyway, but only manages about 7k. I get a few random dropped packets, maybe 1% with eMule running like this. If I increase the upload speed, drops increase dramatically. eMule can open up to 800 connections.

    The pfSense router is a PIII 650MHz with 512MB RAM, running from CF (changed system type to wrap as per instructions on wiki). Memory use is 8%, CPU 5%, disk 58%.

    Download speeds are a bit low at around 200kB/sec. But it's the uploads that worry me the most - I'm not earning many credits at that speed.

    Initially, eMule manages 30k/sec up, but as download speeds increase it drops to 7k. As can be seen in the picture, there is not enough outgoing bandwidth being used to account for my total upload speed. In fact, acks are the only other things being sent out, and they only account for maybe 5kB/sec of traffic.

    I have tested my connection can can get a good 60kB/sec up, and regularly download at over 1MB/sec from usenet.

  • FYI, system type should be embedded not wrap, wrap is what it used to be.

  • Thanks, I changed it. Will wrap work at all?

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