More WAN madness :(

  • Sigh what a day. This makes absolutely no sense to me and is especially difficult because I do not have physical access to the box.

    Original configuration:

    WAN… cable modem... static IP on XL0

    LAN... pfsense > hub/switch on XL1

    ALL = OK

    New configuration:

    Attach new WAN connection (per first thread) to same NIC that cable modem was on, edit the config.xml replacing the IP addresses that were in use by the cable modem to the new settings. Does not work. Ping to host = no route. Ping to ISP gateway = host down. Have rebooted.

    ISP says "looks like you are on wrong NIC try switching them." I am doubtful about this because the connections are clearly marked and because I have switched back and forth several times to original config and this sitll happens. I switch them and somehow the WAN connections is up! I can connect to pfsense remotely by WAN, I can ping from the webgui with either WAN or LAN selected from the dropdown.

    I cannot ping any LAN hosts however... it is as if nothing is connected to LAN although the interface is up. All of the LAN hosts have static IPs and I have reset the hub/switch and rebooted.

    Even before looking at why LAN is not working, how is it even possible that I have to keep switch to the opposite physical adapter for 2 different WAN types? It's almost as if the machine is mixing up xl0 and xl1. BTW I am NEVER going to build pfsense boxes again with the same type of NIC it is too damn confusing LOL.

    Thanks for any help!

  • uggggh don't bother respoding to this. I just noticed that there are bootp broadcasts from the previous cable providers gateway coming in on the LAN interface. Even though I had the guy check this at least 4 times he must have put the old cable modem on the LAN port instead of the LAN lol. Hopefully this is all it is.

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