IPTV (IGMP multicast)support for PFsense

  • Hi every one
    Is this in the future for pfsense a package or built in feature support for IPTV?
    Right now almost of my country's ISP have a IPTV service,and i am thinking in getting the service for me too.
    I have used Pfsense since the beta 1.01 right now i am on 1.2.2 ,but i didn't what to leave it because of IPTV.(i don't really watch TV but my wife does :P).

    I still have a question about it .
    If you have a router with 4 ports and you configure internet to bridge mode (pfsense gets the public ip) will the iptv boxes work if they are connected to the other router ports ?

    Something like this.

            Router (internet bridge mode )
        1            2            3          4
        |            |            |          |
    Pfsense        TV          TV        TV