NAt w/ a virtual IP

  • I had some problems when setting this up with monowall. It finally started working without me knowing exactly what I did.

    We have a T1 with 5 or so usable IP addresses.
    Our router is set to x.x.x.50 as the public IP
    I want to route port 80 traffic on the x.x.x.52 IP to a local box

    Here are my settings.

    x.x.x.50 / 29

    Virtual IP's
    x.x.x.52 (Type Other, I tried all 3 options)

    NAT: Port Forwarding
    WAN  TCP  80 (HTTP)
    (ext.: x.x.x.52)  80 (HTTP)

    Firewall Rules:
    TCP  *  *  80 (HTTP)  *

    when I ping the .52 address, I get to .49 our gateway
    then I get a bunch of hops that just time out.

    I can I diagnose this problem further?


  • Does the server you forward to have a firewall of it's own or uses a different default gateway than the pfSense?

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