Mix NAT and Public IPs

  • Hy,

    we have a Network with some natted Subnetworks and two Subnetworks with public IPs.

    Now I want to know if pfSense can handle this scenario.
    The IP Addresses are fix because we don't want to reorganize the hole subnetworks.

  • Yes, this is possible. Just disable outbound NAT for the 141.x.x.64/26 and 141.x.x.128/25 networks. Then have the SUSE Firewall point to 141.x.x.9/26 with a static route for the two networks.

  • Thanks for your answer.

    I will try it tomorrow.

  • Ok I tried what you said but it doesn't work.

    I configured my ethernetdevices for WAN and LAN (141.x.x.128/25).
    Disabled the outbound NAT and deleted the automatic generated rule.
    For the WAN-Interface I generated a rule which allows any traffic to any network.

    I tried to ping a server behind the pfSense from my notebook which was in the DMZ.
    The gateway for the notebook was the pfSense WAN-IP. So everything should be transfered over the pfSense Router.

  • Ok i think it works :)

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