• I have my internet at home shared my internet to my LAN using PFSENSE.

    I have a friend somewhere miles away from me and I want to share my internet with her.

    All she got are modem (DSL), PC and a phone line, no internet subscription, here is my question, will that be possible for me to share my internet with her?

    If so, how?

  • She should get her own DSL provider.

  • She needs some way of getting data to you.  Your choices are:

    1. Using her own Internet connection (which takes the point away)
    2. Using a wireless link (which will require line of site and care to comply with various legal issues that can arise)

    It's probably a lot easier for her to get her own Internet connection ;)

  • Well the third option would be to get access to the phoneline distributor panel.
    Patch one of the 4 lines from her to your home, have at your home an DSLAM and let her access you.
    But since i doubt that you have:
    A: Access to the distributor panel
    B: A schema of the distributor panel (good luck finding the right wires)
    C: An Access Multiplexer lying around
    It's really easier to just go the "official" way.

    (We had to go with this option for a setup in our town, but that included a lot of paperwork with the telephone company and quite expensive hardware)