PfS 1.2.2 "losing" ProxyARP/VIP

  • I have 5 static IPs from my cable provider, and the WAN interface is given the first IP. Then I use PARP on the next IP, and I have the LAN using this second IP for outbound NAT.

    The odd thing is, that it randomly seems to just "drop" the PARP. Outgoing internet access no longer works (while my VPN connection into the first IP works fine), and all I have to do is go into the ProxyARP setting and save it, then reapply it again and it works.. until the next time it drops.

    This exact setup was working fine for about two years. I just recently backed up the configuration and then restored it onto a faster machine. This machine doesn't use all the same NICs, and I'm using VLANs. Also I didn't realize until afterward but the old machine was running 1.2 and this one is running 1.2.2. Everything else appears to be working fine, and as far as I can tell there are no messages in the system log to indicate why it would have stopped responding to ARP requests for that IP.

    Any ideas?

  • I'm now realizing that it's losing a CARP address in the same way as well. I'm not using the CARP address for failover, I'm just using it in a specific instance because PARP doesn't work in that instance for some reason (it's a bridged (layer 2) OpenVPN tunnel, and I want to do 1:1 NAT on the "remote" side of the tunnel with the public IPs I'm exposing through the tunnel).

    Can anyone help? Why would it would just stop responding to ARP requests out of nowhere? Is this at all related to using VLAN?

  • I think this turned out to be a hardware issue. I'm not certain if it was a specific piece of hardware that was malfunctioning, or if it was some kind of intermittent compatibility issue. I suspected hardware after the machine started randomly locking up. I had an identical machine, so I swapped the hard drives into that one, and it had weird issues as well, but my LAN interface (which was a VLAN) wouldn't work at all, so I had to take the add-on NIC card out of the original machine and put it in this one, even I just replaced an identical card. Then it worked, but it still had random lock ups and such. From there, I migrated my whole setup to a VM, and I've had no problems. So either it was the hard drives, the original NIC, or both machines have some internal hardware issue.