• Hello!

    I have a pfsense box with an old Pentium2 machine with 512mb ram and a 7gb hd.
    Version of pfsense is 1.2.2
    built on Thu Jan 8 22:30:24 EST 2009
    Recently i got report that disk usage is 95%.
    When i access phpsysinfo i get these:

    I also ssh to the box and run:

    cd / && du -hd1

    2.0K    ./.snap
    6.4M    ./boot
    1.2M    ./bin
    1.5K    ./dev
    16K    ./conf.default
    3.8M    ./etc
    16M    ./kernels
    164K    ./libexec
    4.4M    ./lib
    14K    ./root
    2.5M    ./sbin
    127M    ./usr
    328M    ./var
    776K    ./tmp
    2.0K    ./mnt
    2.2M    ./cf
    491M    .

    nothing unusual there… can anyone tell me what else could it be? maybe a hd problem??
    thank you

  • What packages have you installed?

  • squid,squidguard,phpsysinfo,backup
    i have also deleted the contents of squid cache…

  • Did you restart Squid after you cleared it's cache by hand?  If you didn't then all the cache files are still open and therefore still using disk space.