• Hi!

    I need a little help in setting up correct routing between lan and wan.

    ok…here we go:

    LAN  <--------------------> LAN <----------PFSENSE (PPTP)----------> WAN <--------------------> WAN Speedtouch (Bridge Mode)                       

    I'm not able to ping/telnet the Speedtouch (

    thx in advance!

  • Think your firewall rules are blocking this.
    Have you got some information about that? (dump of your log files maybe)

  • iam sorry, but there is no log entry in firewall…  :-\

  • sry…i got following log:

    @67 block drop in log quick all label "Default deny rule"

    now its not a routing problem, its a rule problem...but what is the default deny rule?
    i made a telnet rule, as i made it for other services (working) in, but it seems that the default deny rule overrules the manuel telnet rule...

    any ideas? thx in advance!

  • i'm in the same boat with a Speedtouch 516 / PPPoE

    This may help you, it didn't help me because I cannot run the redir command after installing the package:

    here's what i do from pfsense:

    ifconfig fxp0

    • now pfsense should be able to ping and telnet to
    • i use this to check my line stats

    i have not been able to get pfsense to route any of my lan traffic to the modem directly though, clients on cannot access for now if i really need to check my modem, i can log into pfsense and telnet to the modem.

  • hi rsingh!

    ive tested this right now, but nothing happend..  :-
    you are right, telnet via ssh on pfsense works for me…