Unable to access other machines in the immediate IP range

  • Hi Guys,

    I've set up pf as a bridged firewall as per the PDF on pf's homepage. Everything seems to be OK in that traffic is flowing both ways fine. However there are several machines 'outside' the firewall (yet on very similar IP's) that I cannot access.

    For example…

    The PFSense Firewall is setup as such:

    IP: 212.6*.*6.80 / 32
    Gateway: 212.6*.*6.1 (my ISP's gateway)
    IP: 212.6*.*6.80 / 24
    Bridge with: WAN

    A machine behind the firewall is setup as such:

    IP: 212.6*.*6.82
    Gateway: 212.6*.*6.1
    DNS: 212.6*.*6.3

    This machine can ping the gateway and dns fine (both of which are outside my firewall), but it cannot ping or access a mail server which is sitting on 212.6*.*6.85. The ping request comes back with "Destination host unreachable".

    Am i missing something here?