• everything as in the title.
    Am I misconfiguring it or it is not yet ready to run on 2.0 ?

    Thx !


  • replying to myself….
    Fixed the setup by adding the spam user to root group.

    however the issue turns into something else now.
    impossible to have spamd listening to other interfaces than default WAN ?

    in /tmp/rules.debug I get this (knowing that fxp1_vlan1001 is my default WAN interface):

       # spam table 
       table <whitelist>persist
       table <blacklist>persist
       table <spamd>persist
       table <spamd-white>persist file "/var/db/whitelist.txt"
       rdr pass on fxp1_vlan1001 proto tcp from <blacklist>to port smtp -> port spamd
       rdr pass on fxp1_vlan1001 proto tcp from <spamd>to port smtp -> port spamd
       rdr pass on fxp1_vlan1001 proto tcp from ! <spamd-white>to port smtp -> port spamd
       rdr pass on fxp1_vlan1001 proto tcp from <spamd-white>to port smtp -> port smtp</spamd-white></spamd-white></spamd></blacklist></spamd-white></spamd></blacklist></whitelist> 

    How can I manually adjust the rules so that I can add other interfaces ?
    And will the option be enabled some time later in the GUI ?

  • Hello,

    I have personally given up on Spamd for the same reasons you are discovering, I find it just to flaky and lacking in functionality and stability.

    But to answer your question it is my understanding that as it listens on this will capture all requests for a router connection on port 25 no matter what interface it comes in on, process it and then dump it out to your mail server, or so it should do….


  • Well, fact is, it indeed listens on all interfaces as I can see that continuous "telnet" tests make my client public IP eventually is whitelisted.
    But as due the forwarding rules are automatically applied only to the default WAN interface. I believe that simply injecting manually the rules for the other interfaces as well would make things work with multiple WAN interfaces, inbound speaking. I sadly miss the know-how. So if someone can share it with me or point me where I could learn how to, I could afterwards confirm that spamd is multi-wan functional.

  • up, anyone ?

  • so, like bEsTiAn did above, how would I add the 'spam' user to the root group?  I am getting the exactly same thing in my logs and I cannot get spamd to work correctly.  The service runs and I am running 1.2.3 nanobsd.


  • "pw user mod_spamd -u 0" on command line (ssh / console)

  • Hi all

    I’m using Pfsense 1.2.3 stable version et everything is fine but I can’t use spamd.

    spamd-setup -d

    whitelist whitelist 0 entries
    blacklist blacklist 0 entries
    Getting http://www.openbsd.org/spamd/traplist.gz
    blacklist uatraps 54983 entries
    Getting http://www.openbsd.org/spamd/nixspam.gz
    blacklist nixspam 40000 entries
    Getting http://www.openbsd.org/spamd/koreacidr.txt.gz
    blacklist okean 431 entries

    pfctl -t blacklist -T show


    I see in the forum there is a pb with _spamd user which doesn’t have the good rights.

    I try to change the _spamd user privileges to root but I always have the same message.

    Do I need to change /var/db/spamd file rights too ?

    Best Regards

  • spamd has been removed.  if this makes anyone angry you can blame erict35 for his loving private message he sent me.