[TOPIC TO MOVE ?] Squid + IPSec : 2 different gateways needed

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    I try finding howto for this but i'm not sure of the setup needed.

    Cfg : pfsense 1.2.2 + public wan ip + lan

    Remote sites Will connect directly to the wan address of pfsense, via vpn.

    Except for pfsense that has its own internet access, the LAN goes out by the main gateway (another Internet access).

    Now : i'll setup squid on pfsense for LAN users.

    But need the proxy traffic to continue to go out by the main gateway (not pfsense wan ).

    How can i do this please ?

    • do i need to enable AON (help to setup it for squid + ipsec appreciated)

    • do i need an extra interface (OPT) ?

    • I've heard about "proxybalancer" but don't know if it's adequate…

    Thank you very much,