Re: random knowledge about pfSense / answers to repeated questions.

  • Surely this has bugged people before… I still need an answer:
    When working with a bridged interface, and creating firewall rules, which interface's subnet should you specify as the source of traffic? I've got LAN and Wireless bridged, but I don't know whether to select "LAN net" or "Wireless net" as the source of my traffic for firewall rules.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Seeing as the wireless interface in your example has no IP address, it has no subnet.

    Use the subnet of whichever interface you have bridged to.

    That won't get you access to DHCP though, for that you have to allow from any to any (or to the broadcast address) udp protocol, port 67-68 on src and dst.

    There is another sticky around on that subject, and I think it's also on the doc wiki.

  • Thanks so much!