Traffic Shaping and IPSEC

  • I am currently on RC1 (I should be upgrading to RC2 this weekend).

    Traffic shaping for VOIP has been working flawlessly until I established an IPSEC connection last night. I was on the phone with tech support and remoting into a customers server. When data (not VOIP data) came across the IPSEC connection the tech support person started complaining about the terrible connection. When I stopped sending data the VOIP connection was fine.

    I am running pfsense from a hard drive on a 700 MHz box with 512 MB of RAM.

    Does trafffic shaping work if there is an IPSEC connection nailed up?

    By the way… Thanks for the great work you all have been doing!!!! I am really impressed by this software!!!!


  • Upgrade to latest RC2 with patches and rerun the shaper wizard. We changed some weightings between the queues.

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