• i was using 1.2.3rc on an old athlon 1.3Ghz /512MB and it was working great with my Cox cable modem 16/2 service but i had some newer hardware lying around that i haven't repurposed yet so i dicided to mess around with 2.0 (and leave my old box on standby)

    i recently installed 2.0 snapshot to play around with (july 26th) on an Athlon64 2.2Ghz (s939) /1024MB & Intel Dual gigabit pcie lan.

    em0 is WAN to cox modem
    em1 is divided into vlan1, 10, 20, 500 for different purposes
    for now i have NO traffic shaping or packages setup

    on both the 1.2.3rc (old hw) and the july 26'th snapshot speed seemed normal at 16-18/2Mb range
    but since updating to
    "2.0-ALPHA-ALPHA built on Thu Aug 13 20:22:02 UTC 2009" full upgrade
    the download speed seems very slow. i did speedtests on both speedtest.net & testmy.net and ping increased about 5ms from 12-14 to 19-20. downspeed is now 2.2-2.3Mb & upload actually INCREASED to 2.5-2.6!
    it doesn't really affect me much because all i have to do is switch a couple cords & turn on the old box but i figured u guys should know. let me know if there's any info i can give you to help troubleshoot.