Whats the hardware weight of 2.0 ?

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    I am running PFsense for about 3 years on a PIII 1GHZ .
    Its doing fine with captive portal,PPTP(2 clients),Darkstat,nut and 10 Mbit Download  1 of Upload (internet connection)
    One of the reasons i aim thinking moving to version 2 is the fact it can run captive portal on 2 nic.

    My question is if these release is more hardware "consuming"(CPU+mem) then 1.x.x version.

    I am also considering if needed moving to an atom 330 board ,because i would like to use PPTP for 10 clients, i have not tested it, but i think a PIII @ 1ghz just cant handel it very well.
    Can this release (2.0) use the several cores of CPU?(I read this post http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,9414.0.html but never got to understand where are we right now.

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    PPTP for 10 users is no problem for the P3 1ghz with that kind of WAN speed…..

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