• First…This is a great Add on Thanks for the hard work!

    The only problem i seem to have at the moment is going to msnbc.com
    Here is the error i get from HAVP

    The following server is down:
    Zero sized reply

    Taking a look on http://www.server-side.de/ i notice ver. 0.89 possibly fixes this issue.
    HAVP 0.89 released

    • Fix possible retry loop and hang (thanks to Peter Warasin @ endian.it)
    • Always send Via: header, fixes some IIS problems (e.g. MSNBC)

    If i noticed correctly on the package installation, .88 was downloaded.
    has any newer version been tested or in the plan to upgrade?

    Also tried adding to white list, but it did not help.

    built on Tue Jul 21 21:43:56 EDT 2009
    HAVP in transparent mode

    Thanks in advance...and thanks again for this package.

  • New version will tested in second part of september.

  • I had this error too

    If you are using HAVP without squid than make the following changes

    1. Go under AntiVirus Settings in PfSense Web Gui. (Services –----> AntiVirus)

    2. Put a Check Box in the setting Enable X-Forwarded-For

    3. Click Save

    now sites like MSNBC will work just fine…it has to do with the way the HTTP Header is sent and received...this issue does not occur if using Squid in conjunction with HAVP

    Hope that helps

  • That worked Thanks!!