• Hi

    I host a multi domain mail serveur (on Lan) and multi domain web server (in DMZ)

    when I want to pickup my mail, I use the dns name (with worked on my old firewall). With PFSense, it is not working.

    What is missing in the config so that it resolve the dns name inside the lan ?

    Also, I can't reach from the LAN any of the domains hosted in the DMZ. What rule do I need to put in ?
    Thanks in advance


  • You want NAT reflection.  However, if you are running multiple IP addresses on your WAN, NAT reflection will not work with any of the 1:1 NAT mappings.  You can solve this by setting up dual-horizon (aka. split) DNS.

  • I just have one WAN.

    So how do I solve the DNS issues ?

    Thank in advance.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There appear to be some issues with reflecting any UDP services. I've been working on a patch to help the situation, but it's too soon to tell if that would fix the issue you are seeing.

    Split DNS is the better way to go for DNS issues, but it if there is a bug in the code somewhere, fixing it would also help in the long run with other UDP services.