WAN Failover to a different Router(Cisco) with ISDN

  • Hi,

    I would like to create a WAN fail-over.
    Now, there is a Pfsense box connected to a DSL line and a Cisco 1721 Router connected to an ISDN line (on demand).
    They are exchanging routing information over RIPv2.

    I would like to create a setup enabling a fail-over to the ISDN connection, if the DSL line goes down.
    So the default route on the pfsense box has to be changed pointing to the cisco router and should be instantly changed back to its normal WAN link, if reestablished. (Same with the Cisco router but that isn covered here I think ;P)
    I've seen that the integrated fail-over support is only covering WAN connections on the pfsense box, or am I wrong?

    Is there any possibility to achieve such a setup?

  • You can not change the default route, but you can create a load balancer pool that monitors the wan and the cisco isdn router lan link.

    So then if the wan fails it will actually route all traffic from the LAN out through the cisco ISDN.

    This will actually work, it does not need to live on the wan interface perse.
    Alternatively create a opt interface on the pfsense box with the ISDN router stuck behind that. Then it will work in mostly the same fashion.

    Handling DNS in a working fashion will be a tad bit more difficult though since your failover link is not a always on.