Newbie with a question. It may be NAT related but I am not sure

  • I don't know how to even search this forum for what I am looking for so I will post here instead.

    I just did a new pfsense install.

    The internal network is

    The DMZ is

    The WAN interface is connected to a cable modem and the outside IP is assigned via DHCP.
    I use to assign that address a domain name.

    Everything is working fine with one exception.

    I port forward port 80 requests to the web server on the DMZ.

    I can access the web server when I am outside of my local network, ie: when I am at work.

    but cannot access the web server when I am on the internal network.
    The dns name I got from does not work internally neither does using the outside IP address of the WAN interface.

    I can access the webserver internally by using the IP address of the web server ( or the local machine name.

    I am thinking the firewall won't let internal machines back in to get to the webserver on the DMZ. Either way I don't know how to fix this.

    I appreciate any help you may provide.