Squid (transparent, LAN+OPT) OPT subnet access: Permission denied

  • I have pfsense RC1 with the Squid package installed as transparent on LAN and OPT interfaces.
    When trying to access a webserver in the OPT-subnet, from LAN-subnet, I get a (13) Permission denied -error from Squid.
    If I disable Squid everything works fine.

    I assume this would be a logic-error with the Squid package configuration…

  • Upgrade to latest RC2, deinstall squid and reinstall. You are running a now unsupported version of pfSense and squid. There have been some improvements in pfSense and the squid package as well.

  • Same problem with RC2.

  • It works fine with RC2.

    Did you uninstall and then reinstall?

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