• i have a static route setup to point to a gateway. the subnet the route is for is accessible via two different paths. right now the static route points to the gateway addy of the other path is via

    is there any way that i can add weighted static routes in pfsense?  i would like to have traffic point to the as the primary but if it fails then go to the

    i tried to add both routes with different gateways but it won't allow it because the subnets are the same.

    you might ask why i don't just redistribute my routes into rip and let the routers take care of this. for some reason i can't get ospf to redistribute this specific route into rip… but that's an entirely different story. so as a back up i want to define two static routes on pfsense each pointing to the same subnet but different gateways.

    any options anyone can suggest?

  • actually, i just fixed my route redistribution issue but i would still be curious is this is possible.

  • You could use the loadbalancer and use failovered policy routing.
    (instead of weighted routes)