Printing w/ roadwarrior login

  • So I have a client who's accountant is having a baby, and thus needs to work at home.

    She uses shrewsoft to log in remotely to 2 different locations (the locations have a full time point to point IPsec tunnel, and both are running 1.2.3 with remote IPsec enabled).

    She RDPs from her computer at home into computers at the work, she then needs to be able to print from the work computers to her home.

    The computer at her house has the printer shared, and is visible from the work computers when she is logged in, however it says it's unavailable no matter what i do. I can share files just fine though, and I'm 99% sure the windows firewall on her remote machine is allowing all the proper ports. Printers are sharing fine from location A to B over the static IPsec connection, and IPsec is set to allow all traffic.

    Any suggestions? Am I doing something wrong? Is there a better way to set it up? I can set up a permanent connection at her house as well, but would rather not if it can be done w/o.


  • You don't normally need to share printers over the VPN to get printing to work over RDP.

    You need the driver for the local printer installing on the remote computer.

    I've done this extensively over the years and never had to share the local printer.