Restart whenever the internet connection loss?

  • Hi there

    I want to know if there's a way of automatically restart if the internet connection loss? My connection always loss and i need to restart the Pfsense box before it will properly working again.

    any help??


  • That's ugly and doesnt solve your problem.
    It's just a workaround.
    Try to find out WHY you have to restart.

    A beginning would be if you gave "some" infos.
    Like hardware, rules, logs of system, setup, version, etc.

    (Noone can help you if you dont give more infos about your setup).

  • Thank you and apologize for incomplete statement

    Pfsense 1.2.2 internet gateway/dhcp server
    User: 36
    Bandwidth: 512kbps
    Rules: allow all, no rules
    Nat: none
    Cpu: p3 733
    Ram: 256
    Hd: 20gb

    Is the bandwidth can affect my disconnection problem? when i observe and try if all user are online and i try to download big file like movies, it will suddenly disconnected.

    If possible i want a script or add-on that will make the system restart when it will disconnected occurs. im not always in front of my pc. I find some script but i dont know how to put in to pfsense and if this script is applicable.


    ping -c 2

    if [ "$?" -ne "0" ];
     then reboot;


  • Uhm… I'm not sure if the infos you gave help at all.

    Bandwidth: 512mb,   mb = ? MB (as in MegaByte) Mbit (as in Megabit) ?
    What kind of line is that? ATM, PPPoE, Fibre, multiple Ethernetlines aggregated?

    Rules: "allow all" or "no rules" ?
    No rules means everything will be blocked, so kind of the opposite of "allow all".

    Nat: none.
    Do you have public IPs in your subnet? How did you disable the NAT? (via the AoN?)

    Still standing question: What is in the system log (when you loose your connection)?
    How is your setup (ASCII art appreciated)?