Small ISP setup with public lan/wan adresses with PF 1.2.2.

  • Hi,

    I have been using Pfsense for some time with public/private setup in several locations. But now i want to replace my small ISP gateway with a pfsense box. My environment looks ike this and i really need some opinion what setup is the best. The result i like to accomblish is no restriction to the public clients but traffic shaper enabled and DHCP/DNS assignment to clients via the box. PPTP client connections has to work from the LAN to WAN.

    From what i have seen that even if NAT is disabled i still get pptp problems restrictions from the lan to wan which means the fw is not fully transparent. I though this GRE limitation only applied if NAT was enabled?

    Remember this is a public gateway and FW/NAT is not needed if i can control the traffic in another way.

    I have tested this setup with fw rules any to any and NAT disabled?

    ISP–-(WAN: -----Wireless AP's ----- Wireles Client's
                                                           ---------(OPT1:   I use this port to configuring the box when I am onsite So i can make changes without unplugging the lan.

    Would it be better with a transparent bridged setup here and if yes why?