Memory usage? What dopes this represent

  • The Memory usage has slowly risen on my box

    I run a psfense 1.22 on a p3 1000 with 1GB ram and 6GB HD

    with squid, squid guard and a vpn tunnel.

    PFsense is AMAZING love it, but I am trying to figure out what the stats represent.

    currently my memory usage is at 62% it used to be at 50% is this too high, and what does this memory usage represent? how can i lower this number?

    my cpu usage seems to be small and disk usage is 15% this number changes, but I'm more concerned about the memory usage as 62% and growing may be problematic if it continues to rise.

    Thanks You,

  • A search of the forum will give you many other threads about memory usage.

    In short - at 62% memory usage you're wasting 38% of your memory.  A modern OS will use all available memory for disk caches - high values of memory usage are normal and good (as long as you're not hitting swap, in which case you don't have enough memory installed).

    CPU usage - that's different - if you're regularly running at 100% you'd be in trouble.  Low values are fine.