Anyone used a minibox M300?

  • I was looking at these specs to load balabce with failover a 12/4 cable and T1.
    Chassis: M300 Enclosure
    Mainboard: Jetway NC92-N230 mini-ITX Intel Atom
    Mainboard Modules: Jetway 3 x Gigabit LAN
    System Memory: 1GB DDR2
    Storage: 80GB SATA 2.5" HDD
    DC-DC Power Supply: picoPSU-90
    AC-DC Power Adapter: 12v/5A AC-DC Power Adapter
    Other Accessories: None

    Anyone used one of these? Do the specs look fine? I've tested on an older machine and was able to get it running, now I want to buy production hardware.

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    How many users in environment??

  • Thanks for your reply.  I have 20 network users.  During the evenings and weekends, I would expect up to 5 of them using VPN.  We have a web server now and are ready to launch an application for our clients.  I'd expect to have 100-200 users accessing our website between 7am -10am.  It's possible that this will increase to around 1k-2k users, but not expected for a year.

  • For anyone interested, I have purchased the above setup with a few changes.  I went with the Atom 330 dual core ($7 upgrade so why not) and 2gb RAM (again, only $10 upgrade).  The 90 PSU was on backorder so we went with the 120 instead.  Total cost plus shipping was ~$375 USD.  It's working (mostly) but it's just my configuration that is the problem now.  The system is more than capable of handling the load and will allow us to expand to a 3rd ISP.  There's also an included riser card for the PCI slot so we could expand further.  The design of the box fits nicely along with my other network equipment.  It's barely bigger than my adtran.

  • I had basically the same setup for about 6 months.  I had two in CARP with dual WAN at my main location, one for a VPN to a remote location, and then a 4th as a spare.  I ended up having a NIC fail on one of the main systems and a PSU blow on the remote box.  I also had concerns with performance when I moved from a 4xT1 & 3.0/768 DSL (Backup) to a full DS3 & DSL (Backup) at the main office, so I replaced both of those with Lanner FW-7872 systems (Celeron 440 rather than Atom 330, 4GB of RAM rather than 2GB, Intel NICs rather than Realtek).  They were more expensive, but considering that any downtime costs the company money, it wasn't hard to justify $1500 for the pair.  I've still got the Atom box at the remote location though.

  • Do you have a source for Lanner stuff?

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