• Hi,

    do you have any tutorial how to setup this :

    • dual wan connection
    • all VOIP connection should go to WAN1
    • all Internet Traffic should go to WAN2

    no need for load balancing . rules should be restrictive. (ie : WAN1 should be used only for SIP )
    have tried to add the rules and gateways but all sites working not all google.com sites

  • Can you show a screenshot of your firewall rules?

  • hi,

    got it work after i swaped the wan and opt1
    ie : wan : internet access
    opt1 : only VOIP

    the rules :
    1. LAN - LAN subnet , any to VOIP Server , gateway : opt1's gateway
    2. LAN - LAN subnet , any , gateway : Wan's gateway

    it's working but now, any computer get access to internet via Wan
    but zoiper client keeps registering and do not find the server.
    it's works on the first 2 computers i installed but the on others (around 10) it keeps trying
    any idea?

  • i forgot to tell you that i'm using the latest snapshot 1.2.3-rc2

  • @GruensFroeschli:

    Can you show a screenshot of your firewall rules?

    Your text doesnt help much.