FreeNAS undefined function problem

  • I Have install the FreeNas Packages on My Pfsense RC2

    I can not open  :(  any menu from FreeNAS Package


    The Fatal error: Call to undefined function: gettext() in /usr/local/www/status_disks.php on line 35


    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: gettext() in /usr/local/www/diag_disk_infos.php on line 35


    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: gettext() in /usr/local/www/diag_fn_logs_samba.php on line 34

  • I get the same error messages…

    I recently updated to RC2e, I already had the latest development edition installed.  Then I decided to check for packages and I found freenas.  So I installed it.  disabled the FTP Helpers on all interfaces and rebooted.  once it came back on I clicked on the same menu options you did and got those errors.  I re-installed everything from scratch minus the devel edition and got the same errors.

    I am going try messing with those files but I am a noob and will probably end up having to re-install everything.  By the way, does reformatting frequently kill hard drives?

  • There is a note at the packagedescription. I'm sure you have not read it yet as it answers your question:
    This is a HEAD package. It won't work for RELENG_1 atm and it is marked as pre-alpha. Please give it some time to get to a working state. It just was started.

  • I did read it.  Which is why I disabled the FTP helper.  But I didn't know that there was a difference between head and releng_1.  I don't even know what releng_1 (or head) is for that matter.  I am slowly reading the documentation on FreeBSD and then will move on to pfSense docs.  I have to squeeze this stuff in between medical school classes so it is going to take a couple of months to learn the common terminology.

    I didn't mean to sound like I was complaining, just trying trying help confirm the error.

  • Sorry, didn't want to sound rude  ;)

    HEAD is the cutting edge developement branch of pfSense. It will become the next major version and already has updates and new features that are not yet in pfSense 1.0
    RELENG_1 is what is/will become pfSense 1.0. It's missing some features that are needed for this package. The RELENG_1 branch only is updated with bugfixes while new features/additions only go to HEAD.

    Running HEAD is not recommended/supported atm as it is more or less alpha and pretty much untested yet.

    Hope that makes the situation a bit clearer.

  • Thanks for clearing that up!

    I think I will try to install head on a spare comp to experiment with, maybe try to make it dual boot FreeBSD/pfsense so that I can become more familiar with this stuff.

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