DCHP WAN to LAN on bridged interfaces

  • I have pfsense setup as a transparent firewall so I can protect a subset of devices.

    Our DHCP server is on the WAN side of the firewall and I want it to pass DHCP requests to the LAN

    I followed the fw rules from other posts but it still doesn't seem to work.  all the port 67 and 68 request get though but I receive a lot of 22X.X.X.X packets the get blocked and I'm not sure why these are required for the dhcp requests.

  • Does your WAN interface get its IP address from DHCP? (Don't know if it makes a difference but it might).

    You don't say if you have the DHCP relay service enabled. I would guess that it should be. (My DHCP server is pfSense so I have no experience with DHCP relay.)

  • I have tried it with both DHCP reply on and off.  I get the same issues.

    The WAN is a static IP Address.  Inside the subnet but outside the DHCP Scope.

    DHCP is obtained from the DHCP server on the WAN, not the pfsense box.