• Hi all

    having a bit of a problem

    have a server with 6 interfaces, not including vlans
    Trying to setup carp interfaces per interface for redunancy.
    Can add the first 3 and everything looks good, I add the 4th but the carp4 label never shows up, when I go to add another carp interface, it fails saying there is no interface with that IP address. This is not the case but looks like the root cause is that any interfaces after the 3rd go down hill.



  • Unlikely.  We have dozens of pfSense boxes in production some of them with hundreds of CARP IPs.  What version of pfSense are you running and what are some of the details about your setup?  If you can reliably recreate this issue, then please walk us through the steps so we can verify your issue.

  • No interface with a matching IP means what it says, you don't have an interface IP matching that subnet, which means it won't add that CARP IP. CARP IPs must be within the subnet of the interface IP where you're adding them. Could be you're using the wrong subnet mask, or just trying to add a CARP IP that isn't valid.