When is it time to upgrade hardware?

  • basic question - but when is it time to upgrade my hardware?
    when the processor is constantly running at 50%?
    when the memory is constantly at 70%?

    my alix is sitting at 1-4% idle with 60% mem usage and 13% disk usage. chugs along quite merrily running snort for the ports I have open and the servers I have.

    does a faster processor give any gain under a light load?

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    Nope…. You should consider more memory. But nothing alarming.....

  • Without knowing what the actual specs are, it's hard to say anything definitive.

    However, with 60% memory usage you've got 40% unused so plenty of headroom.  I'd say that it's time to updgrade when:

    a) Memory passes 90% (excluding the disk cache) or you're hitting swap
    b) CPU usage regularly hits 100% and stays there

    Disk usage is often down to logs or proxy caches so you can easily clean out the logs or the cache.