IPsec mobile client tunnel active, but no traffic to lan possible

  • Hi,

    I gave up on the PPTP untill there is a fix, so now i entered the land of ipsec.

    After a few hours I managed to set up a tunnel with the Fortinet client using a fixed ip but i am unable to reach anything on the lan but the pfsense box itself.

    Can anyone try to help me out here?



  • make sure that you have ipsec rules setup to allow traffic to pass.  Sounds like you are 99% there.

  • That's what I thought , but I'm not sure what IPSec rules to create.
    Is there some example available?


  • OK, solved.
    I had a mismatch in the phase 2 setup….the PFS keygroup was not exactly the same on both ends.

    Now I believe routing is ok, next thing is setting up dhcp relay.

    Thanks for the support!