Siproxd: Please help me understand something

  • I have searched and have not found a clear answer, hopefully I did not miss something.

    We use m0n0wall for most small installations, but are moving to pfSense to give more flexibility especially dual WAN support.  My problem is with SIP phones.  I understand how to solve the issue from some other post, (haven't tested it yet though) but do not know what difference between pf and m0n0 cause this.

    We sell a hosted SIP service and use Polycom phones, this is a carrier based service using a BroadSoft Switch and uses the standard port 5060.  I have as many as 20 phones NATed behind on a m0n0 box with no issues using the default m0n0 config.  When I use pfSense only the first phone to connect willregister.

    Why do I need to use siproxd on pf?  Is m0n0wall less secure because this is allowed to pass by default?

  • Found part of it. Just neede to open my eyes