Install PF Sense from WIn XP Partition

  • Let me cut to the chase here. I have an old pc I can't install from a Cd,USB or FLoppy. I have already tried UnitBootin and other things. This pc has no floppy,no cd rom,I can't take the hard drive out and use it in another pc. I have tried all of theses things to no avail.  I can get the USB to try to boot with uniBootin, but always get the memory test errors from the Pf Sense install etc.

    Here's is where I am right now. I created an XP partition on this pc to hold the ISO Live CD for PF Sense I extracted the ISO to the partition the partition is only 80 megs.
    I added the partition to the Boot.INI of windows xp when I try to boot that it fails saying it could not boot etc, the pfsense install never loads..
    I tried putting several different files from the ISO in the boot ini to no avail.
    Is there a file I could put in my XP boot ini that would load the PF Sense Installer??