Optional Interface install

  • We lost the previous install of pfsense (not sure the version, but downloaded back in April) and when I installed RC2 (same Dell box with 3 NICs) it let me do basic setup, set LAN IP and hit it with web interface. Once I hit it on the web, everything was fine until I went to config the optional interface. it took IP'ing it and naming it okay, but when I enabled it, the interface and the console locked up. Upon rebooting, it gave messages that looked like some kind data recovery on the drive and then dies upon 'Configuring firewall  '. This is repeatable, even after chaning out hard drives and the Optional NIC.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

  • During filter reloads and interfaces changes it is true that the console will freeze.  This is part of the remaining Big Giant Lock in FreeBSD where the TTY is still under it.    If you give it a moment to recover or better yet upgrade to RC2e then these problems will go away.

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