• Has anyone been running BandwidthD long enough with log rotation http://devwiki.pfsense.org/BandwidthD to notice if it has behaved as expected http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=1142342&forum_id=308609 ?

  • Yes. I have been using it long enough now for the logs to rotate. It works as stated in the README except for 2 strange problems:

    • The logs do not rotate at exactly month end but a few days before month end. I assume this has to do with the moment BandwidthD does its graphing at the documentation state it will rotate the logs during the next graphing run.

    • For some reason I get double entries in my log file which. The entries are exact copies of each other so filtering them out later is not difficult but it is annoying.

    So if anybody else is experiencing this, please let me know so I know it is not unique to my setup. And if someone knows how to fix the problem, please let me know as well.