OpendDNS + AD?

  • Hi there folks.  Been using pfSense for several years at home, with no problems.  Finally convinced work to replace our now-obsolete Cisco PIX 506e with a pfSense 1.2.2 box.

    I am having a bit of an issues.  Here is the general setup

    AdTran T1 converter box thing, our phone system hooks up to it, has three T1 lines, two active, one as a failover.  Gives us an Ethernet port for out network.  When a device is connected and asks for a DHCP address, it is given, gateway of, which is the AdTran box.  I wish that we got our external IP, and if anyone is familiar with these boxes or Paetec Communications and can give me an answer on that I would appreciate it.

    pfSense box with two NICs, one WAN, one LAN, LAN address is

    Our Windows Server 2003 box, fixed IP of  Everyone logs into it for AD and printers, file shares, etc.

    Old setup had the PIX with two DNS servers, first one being the W2K3 server, the second being another DNS server that I don't know who it belongs to, other than it is not the same one that I would get if I requested a DHCP address on LAN.  This setup worked - users would be logged into the W2k3 server, and check it for DNS.  If it was outside our network, then they would hit the outside DNS server for lookups.

    New setup, we have working, somewhat.  In General Setup, I have entered the W2k3 box as the DNS server, so that users can authenticate to it.  DNS Forwarder is enabled.  The W2k3 server has the OpenDNS servers entered into it, in the DNS Forwarders section of the DNS configuration.  This is working, but I want the pfSense box gto handle all (or most) of the DNS queries.  However, I need clients to be able to authenticate to the w2k3 server, as well as use OpenDNS.  Any suggestions, as I am lost.

  • Ask Paetec to config their Adtran router to bridge mode.  Then set the WAN to a static public IP address that they wil provide.

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