Changing standard kernel to embedded?

  • Hi folks, pfSense n00b here, quickly coming up to speed.  I have 1.2.3 RC1 running on a VIA Eden platform with internal CF card (nice little box - search eBay for "via eden embedded" if interested.  It's orange.)  Had to boot up in safe mode and disable DMA in /boot/loader.conf to get it to boot from CF, but it now does that, and runs quite well.
    Now that I have it running, since it's running from CF, I want to switch to the embedded version.  Is it really as simple as changing the setting in /etc/platform and rebooting, as implied in a few posts here?  Or will I have to reinstall, and set up null-modem / PC / terminal software to boot the embedded kernel in safe mode to make the change to /boot/loader.conf to get it to boot in normal mode?
    Alternately, if I config to write what few logs it still writes to a remote syslog, will the standard kernel write to the card at all after startup?  I can live with a few rewrites for config changes and such.

  • Well.  I couldn't find any definitive information on the net, and none was forthcoming here, so I set up the standard 1.2.3-RC1 installation as described above.  /tmp and /var are on RAM disks, so it looks like writes to the CF card are minimized, at least.  And, it appears I still have VGA, should that be needed.  At any rate, it's working well (< 10% CPU @ 12Mb sustained download; < 20% with three active VPN sessions + streaming video), so I can live with it as is.  Still interested in the specific differences between the embedded image and standard install w/embedded kernel.