How to rotate squidguard's block.log????

  • Hello all, i've used pfsense for some time now (mainly for proxy filtering), is installed over HDD, and i've configured squid to do logrotation every twelve hours (on crontab). Is working fine until now, but i don't know how to rotate squidguard's logs. Block.log is getting bigger (about 4 Gb no i guess) and i wish to rotate it. Any help?

    Thks in advance.

  • Hi,

    I would be also interested in an idea on how to get this to work. The block.log file is growing and growing, and I don't know how I can properly rotate it.

    Has someone any hint?



  • I don't remember if someone on forum has posted about this, most people uses squid -k or so, but that doesn't work on squidguard block.log (it seems). Some workaround maybe will be to create a cronjob like "stop service - empty block.log - restart service" or so.