• I setup a Gateway group to use both my DSL and Cable connection. I also setup both connections to Tier 1 so that they would load balance over the two of them, and also setup sticky connections. After doing this, I noticed that I would get time outs between any hosts and the pfsense box. If I logged into the box via ssh, I could trace and ping the hosts, but from the computers on the network I couldn't. This would last for a few seconds, then service would be restored. Wait a bit longer, it would stop and begin again. I started doing some trouble shooting to see if I couldn't narrow down what was going on. The best I could find was that if I reset the States, service would resume then go into its cycle.

    I then moved cable to tier 1 and dsl to tier 2 and don't seem to have the problem. Is there a known problem with having 2 gateways at tier 1?


  • Well, after some more searching, just sounds like a limitation of sticky connections and freeBSD.

  • Found something again today, that sounds like a bug.

                        OPT1        Tier 2
                        CABLE      Tier 1

    OPT1 goes down, traffic still wants to route of OPT1.
    36 bytes from Destination Host Unreachable

    Any reason why the routes didn't change when it noticed opt1 go down to begin with? And based on the notes of the tiering in the gateway section, everything should route over cable 1 until it goes down, at which point it will route over opt1. Is multi-wan still in early stages on 2.0?

    An update to this as well:

    cable (default)  WAN , however in my routing tables: default UGS 0 72 1500 xl1.

    The default selection of gateways doesn't seem to be working.