• Hi everyone,

    I'm a beginner on pfsense and I would like to set a web server behind my pfsense interface. NAT works just fine, the web server too and everything is accessible from the internet. I set the webGUI port on HTTPS in order to avoid conflicts.
    Here is the problem : when I enable NAT routing on port 80 the clients behind pfsense can no longer access to anything.
    Any idea ?
    Thanks !

  • Set "external address" in the NAT-rule to "Interface address" and not to "any"

  • Seems to work, thanks a lot, websurfing now works. But now whenever I try to access the webserver, I get a 403 error…which I hadn't prior to pfsense use.

  • Hmm…
    Sounds to me like a missconfiguration of the server.

  • The server works just fine on a "standart" router.

    UPDATE : after a couple reboots of both the server and the pfSense platform, everything is back up and running. Thanks a lot!

  • Well, port forwarding and websurfing seems ok now…except that the FTP forwarding causes problems. May the use of a load balancer affect the transfer stability ? My opinion is that DNS don't always resolve the same IP...