• Hi everyone !

    I'm currently running pfSense 1.2.3RC2 with captive portal enabled on my LAN interface and 5 load-balanced WANs. According to local law, I need to log all HTTP traffic, that's why I installed squid in transparent mode.

    I quickly discovered it's not working with multiple WAN so I tried HAVP for the same purpose. Now I have two problems, possibly (probably) related:

    • when testing HAVP with eicar I can download the file, which makes me think it doesn't catch my connection

    • the log (/var/log/havp/access.log) remains empty (possibly related to the fact that in /usr/local/etc/havp/havp.config the option LOG_OKS is set to false, but I cannot override it, it's back to false after reboot)

    So I need either some help to fix HAVP and get it logging, either another way to log every single HTTP request going through pfSense with load balancing.

    Any idea guys ?  ???