Static dhcp leases with failover group

  • Hello,

    I have two pfsense with dhcp configured as a failover group. In the master one I have configured a lot of static dhcp leases. I do not understand if these are used also by the slave or if I have to copy them by hand.

    Can you help me?

    Thanks in advance for any reply!

    Mario Giammarco

  • From what I can tell, the DHCP server configuration must be duplicated manually on 1.2.2.  The DNS Forward configuration will be propagated, but only after going to the CARP Settings page and pressing "Save."

  • @mgiammarco:

    … or if I have to copy them by hand.

    You could always backup the "DHCP Server" area on the "Diagnostics: Backup/restore" page, modify the "Failover peer IP", then restore that into the failover pfSense.

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