SquidGuard Installation Stops at "Downloading package configuration file… 56%"

  • I have been having some issues with one of my pfSense box's in the school I work at. I have looked around on the forums and could not find the answer I was looking for so I figured I would post my issue. I've installed the squid package and now would like to install squidGuard. Here is what happens when I try to install it.

    Beginning package installation for squidGuard…
    Downloading package configuration file... 56%

    Things I have tried:

    • Re-Install Squid (Installed packages menu)
    • Remove and Re-Install Squid
    • Reset to Factory defaults, then re-configured the firewall
    • Re-Installed pfsense and Installed it to the hard drive using SSH console.
    • This issue occurs in both v1.2.2 and v1.2.3-RC1
    • Used the following dns servers., and,

    There is more I tried but I can't think of it atm. Any help would be appreciated.