Pfsense iso on Soekris net5501 and net4801

  • Find below the solution and link to install pfsense full iso on hdd +embeded hardware

    An inquiry from a customer lead to the discovery that the normal ttys file does not work properly on a hard drive install on a Soekris 4801. Upon boot, the console never finishes loading. Because this can be an issue on other embedded hardware platforms, and there are also hardware platforms where you must use the embedded kernel (like a full install on a Microdrive on a WRAP), we have added an installer option to the upcoming 1.2-RC2 that lets you select which kernel you wish to install.

    There are four options - single processor, SMP (multi-processor), embedded, and developer (mainly for kernel debugging tools).

    The SMP kernel is the default with the previous installer, and should work with almost all uniprocessor and SMP systems. Though going forward, I would recommend choosing the single processor kernel for single processor systems, and the SMP kernel for systems with multiple processors or cores. Use the embedded kernel for any embedded hardware, like a WRAP, Soekris 4801, and similar. Don't choose the developer kernel unless instructed to do so by a developer, or you know what you're doing.

    link :
    Note: This only works on IDE hard drives not sata.