Little problem might not be pfsense related

  • ok so this issue im having might not be pfsense related, but i did not have the problem when simply using an off the shelf router, if it is an issue with my network maybe someone can help me.

    so the issue is i run a directconnect hub on my network, it is not intended for people on my network but for people outside of it. it works great but i am trying to connect a client which IS on my network, normally to do this you have to set up port forwarding etc, so i set this up as i always have before, then in my DC++ client i specify my external ip address to report to the hub (have to do this because if you dont then your client will report your internal ip address),

    the problem i am running into is that no matter what i supply for an ip the hub knows my internal ip (because i am connecting directly to it over the network), is there a way in pfsense to take local traffic from a single host destined for another single host and route it through the wan interface so that the traffic appears to come from outside my network as opposed to internally.

    i know this might not really be a pfsense issue its just that when i was using a shitty out of the box router i could simply connect to my own domain and it would work, however now i have a DNS forward to route all the traffic destined for my own domain directly back to my server . the result is i can now connect to my hub, however since the hub sees my ip as 192.168.. no one outside of my network can connect to my client even though the NAT is setup properly.

    what i need to do is have conenctions from one computer to another computer on my network to resemble as if they are coming from my WAN ip. possible?

    thanks, and sorry if i dont really make sense im piss poor at explaining myself

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